Maho Minami
Maho 2 by tuisted11

Voiced by

Miho Saiki (Japanese)
Brina Palencia (English)



Manga Debut

Chapter 2

Anime Debut

Episode 2

Maho Minami is Ryusuke's younger half-sister and a talented singer. She is brash but emotionally fragile, thoughout the series she gradually develops feelings for Koyuki.


Maho has a tough, confident personality, but can actually be very insecure and easily hurt. She is not very confident of her singing although Yukio tries to convince her otherwise and she hopes to one day become a successful actress.



Koyuki: Maho and Yukio's relationship becomes very complex as the series progresses, at times it is unsure that she even has feelings for Youkio but others it becomes very obvious. In the manga they start dating after the american tour.

Ryusuke: Maho and Ryusuke have a rather touch-and-go relationship. Sometimes they get along fine and at other times fight or refuse to talk to one another. Ryusuke is an older brother figure for Maho. He is aware of her feelings, looks out for her, and tries to help her out with her relationship with Koyuki.




Maho's Gallery

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