Hiromi Masuoka
Hiromi Masuoka

Voiced by

Kotomi Yamakawa(Japanese)
Laura Bailey (English)



Manga Debut

Chapter 18

Anime Debut

Hiromi Masuoka is a friend of Saku's and Koyuki's and attends the same high school. She used to work at a donut shop near the restaurant where Koyuki was working part-time.

Personality Edit

Hiromi is kind-hearted, but a bit scatter-brained. Koyuki starts giving her tips on how to play the guitar.


  • In the manga, she became Saku's girlfriend without Koyuki's knowledge or even noticing it. He was surprised when Saku told him.
  • In the anime, it is also hinted that she became Saku's girlfriend too.

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