Chapter 29
Chapter 29

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BECK continues to perform with Chiba taking the lead vocals. The crowd reacts energetically and positively. Many in the crowd appreciate the song's lyrics, Ryusuke's lead guitar playing, Taira's bass skills, and Saku's drums.

The attendance at the 3rd stage has now surpassed 1,200. The monitor at the 2nd stage is broadcasting BECK's performance, much to Leon Sykes' disgust. A worker tells him that Malcolm went back to the hotel and that the main stage's performance has been halted, so that is why the 3rd stage is being broadcast. Leon tells the worker they have failed as the main stage started performing again 3 minutes ago.

Back at the 3rd stage, the audience is now over 1,300 people. Satou explains that the broadcast on the 2nd stage's screen probably brought a lot of these people to the 3rd stage.

Meanwhile, the main stage performance is back under way. Ran is acknowledging Yoshito is a really bad singer, but because of his popularity, he brings a lot of attention to Belle Ame. At that moment, the performance has to be spotted again, because of fans rushing the stage.

Eiji looks out at the crowd, disappointed about the quality of the concert. Yoshito is making a call to Maho, trying to figure out where she is, but she won't pick up.

Currently, the numbers for each stage are: Main stage - 14,900, 2nd stage - 7,100, and 3rd stage - 1,400. While the numbers are announced, a worker rushes over to Ran to tell him some of the equipment has been damaged by the rain and they will have to stop the performance for a while.

At the 3rd stage, BECK is still energetically performing. With the main stage and 2nd stage sidelined due to the weather, the 3rd stage is the only one still going. The 3rd stage is the only option to broadcast over the screens. When the video comes up, Eiji is shocked to see the 3rd stage performers are BECK.

One of the girls in the 3rd stage audience is topless. The image of her on the screen causes a rush toward the 3rd stage. The crowd grows to over 2,800.

On the 3rd stage, Ryusuke instructs Koyuki to sing "Sister." Koyuki is reminded of the band's dream about past rock stars and reminds the audience to pick up their trash. Then he begins to sing. Satou encourages the workers to turn on the sound portion of the big screen against Ran's orders. Ran is shocked when the sound is turned on. Yoshito is especially horrified by this. Koyuki blows everyone away with his amazing vocals.

Yoshito gets back on the main stage and tries to regain momentum with the audience, determined to win Maho over. The crowd keeps leaving though.

There are now over 4,000 people at the 3rd stage. BECK starts playing their last song, "Out of the Hole."