Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Character Debuts

Koyuki, Izumi, Ryusuke, Tanabe, Beck, Kayo,

Appearing Charcters

Koyuki, Izumi, Ryusuke, Tanabe, Beck, Kayo,

Followed by

Chapter 2


Koyuki is a fourteen-year-old boy that despairs at the lack of excitement in his life. He considers himself boring and thinks this will be the dull existence he will lead until the day he dies. After school, he and his friend, Tanabe, get caught spying on the female swimming team and, coincidentally, a former childhood friend of Koyuki's, Izumi. She manages to recognize him just before they run away. Later, on his way home, he gets beaten by a couple of troublemakers trying to swindle an old lady, then saves an odd-looking dog named Beck from some bullying kids. The dog's owner, Ryusuke, introduces himself to Koyuki and thanks him.

The next day at school, Izumi appears to invite Koyuki to the bowling alley along her older classmates. He agrees and tags along with them, but Izumi's friends aren't exactly happy with his presence. Eventually, they come across the girl who had given Izumi the bowling tickets, Kayo, and follow her to a pub called "Remedy". There, Koyuki spots Ryusuke in a back corner, breaking up with a crying girl. Kayo asks whether they know the foreign band Dying Breed, which Izumi happens to like very much, as rumour has it Ryusuke used to play with their guitarrist. Upon leaving the pub, they find a vandalized car and stop to look at it when the owners come out of the bar, drunk, and think they are to blame for the damage. Koyuki jumps in front of Izumi to defend her, but he only manages to infuriate the men further. Ryusuke comes to their rescue, since he can speak English and the owners of the car are American military. Amidst the commotion, Koyuki and his friends leave and stop at a restaurant, but he is unable eat because he's worried about Ryusuke. Although Izumi tries to stop him, he leaves on his own. In the meantime, Ryusuke keeps the drunken soldiers at bay with a fake gun; however, they figure out his trick and beat him up. Koyuki finds him in a trash heap and is moved by what he did, as he was feeling so lonely and out of place as of late. At that moment, Izumi and her friends come back. She talks with Ryusuke and find out that they have a lot in common, especially in musical tastes. The chapter ends with Beck howling at the moon.

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