Beck: Animation Beck Soundtrack


March 21, 2005



Beck: Animation Beck Soundtrack is the first soundtrack album for the anime adaptation of the Beck manga. It contains all the songs used in the anime (excluding instrumental background scores). Most of the music on this album was done by Beat Crusaders working with the characters' voice actors, but are credited to the series' fictional bands, such as BECK and The Dying Breed.

  • BECK - Brainstorm
  • BECK - Spice of Life
  • Chounaikaichuu no Musuko Band - Mad House
  • Maho Minami - Sly
  • BECK - Face
  • Belle Ame - Lost Melody
  • Rocket Boys - Follow Me
  • Chiemi Kuniyoshi - Genki wo Dashite
  • The Dying Breed feat. Yukio Tanaka - Moon on the Water
  • Beck - Like a Foolin
  • Ciel Bleu - Youkai Ningen Bem
  • Hyoudou Band - Gymnasium
  • Tsunemi Chiba - Reloaded
  • Musicmans feat. Manabu Miyazawa - Journey
  • Saitou San Band feat. Koyuki Tanaka & Maho Minami - Follow Me
  • The Dying Breed - My World Down
  • Hyoudou Band 2 - Love Dischord
  • Beck - By Her
  • Beck - I've Got a Feeling (The Beatles cover)
  • Beck - Slip Out
  • Yukio "Koyuki" Tanaka & Maho Minami - Moon on the Water

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